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How to Increase Your Phone Battery Life



What can be worse than a phone with a dead battery? It’s like a wallet full of nothing. Can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.


In countries where electricity is not available 24/7, most phone buyers insist on getting one with good battery life because no one wants to use a phone that cannot last through the day.


However, the battery life of a mobile phone especially smartphones often deteriorates due to constant use and ageing. Hence, the need to preserve it.


Before we look at how to preserve the battery life, let’s see the causes of short battery life.


Usage practices that negatively impact the battery life of a mobile device.


1. Over Charging

While we want to ensure our phone is well charged, it can become detrimental to its battery lifespan when it’s overcharged.


2. Maximum Screen Brightness

The brighter your screen is, the more battery is used. Using the battery in a constantly high screen brightness always tell on the battery life after some times.


3. Over Heating

One of the destroyers of a battery is too much heat. Overheating sharply drains the battery and eventually reduces the overall battery life. Heat can damage your battery.


4. Long Calls

Well, we all are guilty of this. At one time or the other, we make very long voice and video calls which eventually cause the phone to heat up and drain up the battery. Using the phone for regular long calls will surely have its toll on battery life.


5. Mobile data

We need the mobile data service on to browse the internet but leaving it on when you are not browsing will consume more charges in the phone battery. This also makes the phone heat up too.


6. The louder the speaker the more battery used

We all like to enjoy our music on loudspeaker sometimes. But playing music in loudspeaker for long hours continuously, every now and then may negatively impact the battery life of the mobile device.


7. Gaming

It is quite obvious that playing mobile games even for just five minutes can consume your battery. How much more playing for hours. The battery often suffers during gameplay. Overheating, fast discharge, high usage rate are some of the processes that occur when playing games. These also kill the battery.


8. Long Video Play

Long video play requires a high battery usage rate. Playing videos for a too long time can choke your battery, cause overheating and finally reduce the battery life.


9. Background Sync

Smartphones are known for multiple background synchronization. Some applications and services like Google Play Service, iCloud Backup, Google Drive, one drive, Mail Apps all backup the phone data in the cloud. The process of background synchronization requires constant upload and download of content from the internet. This also makes your phone work continuously in the background, thereby consuming more battery.


10. Unoptimized Apps

When a mobile app is not well optimized for minimum battery usage, it will cause havoc on the phone and even battery life. Some app may suddenly increase the temperature of your phone causing the phone to die faster.


How to achieve a longer battery life.

Based on the causes listed above, the following are simple measures you can take to preserve your phone battery life.


1. Do not Over Charge Your Phone Battery.

It is advisable to only charge the battery to a sufficient level (Usually between 80% to 95%) then use up the charges to around 20% to 10% before plugin it in again. Leaving the mobile phone in the socket to charge for long hours will eventually kill the battery.


2. Reduce your Phone Screen Brightness

Ensure that your phone screen brightness is kept at an appropriately low level to conserve your battery life.


3. Avoid Overheat

Although overheating is not avoidable sometimes but, while it is advisable to always keep your phone temperature to the barest minimum, it is also important to ensure the phone is used or kept under a cool atmosphere.


4. Minimize Long Video/Voice Call

If you must make very long calls, at least put your battery life into consideration.


5. Turn off mobile data when not in use

It’s a good practice to turn off the data service whenever you are done browsing. At least it saves data cost and battery life.


6. Reduce the volume when on load speaker

Playing music on the loudspeaker is one thing we will do regularly, but reducing the volume to a reasonable level can help conserve the battery life in long music play.


7. Take a break on the gameplay

Gaming is good for relaxation but 1 to 2 hours of gaming is no longer relaxing for your phone batteries. Getting a gaming device will be a better option.


8. Watch less save more

Although playing a video on your phone is not such a bad thing, but it becomes unhealthy for your battery when you decide to stream an entire season of a series on Netflix. Minimizing video play is a good conservative measure.


9. Turn off background sync for used apps

Turning off background synchronisation for apps you don’t use regularly will lighten up the load on your battery. You should also delete apps you don’t need on your phone.


10. Delete that app

As soon as you discover that an app increases the temperature of your phone beyond normal, delete it-no questions asked. Your phone perfect condition can not be any less important than an app that threatens its lifespan.



Conservation is always the best measure in every aspect of life. With good conservative practises, we will not only enjoy a long battery life on our phones but also improve the performance over time.

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You no longer need an Antivirus




What if I tell you that you no longer need antivirus on your system? That would sound impossible write. Yeah I can relate to that. But in a technical term, what I really mean is, ever since Microsoft release of Windows 10, users rarely have any need to install antivirus program on their Windows PC.

This is why;

The Windows 10 operating system now comes with an antivirus of its own. Microsoft developed an antivirus to combat viruses, malware and other security issues.

Windows Security as it is called, is not actually new to the Microsoft windows. the truth is Microsoft Defender program has always been there all along, but is hardly used. In a nutshell the antivirus program wasn’t given enough attention until microsoft made it the default antivirus program.


Now speaking of the performance of the Windows Defender. I will say right now, The windows defender is good enough to protect your PC without the intervention of any other software.

Although, during the first period of its release, the software did showed alot of promising features in combating security threats but users around the world slowly accepted it. And as time goes by, gradually with frequent updates, Windows Defender gained more trust from those who decided to give it a try.

However,  the developers of the Miscrosoft Defender did ensure to update the virus definition from time to time, in order to keep up with the recent threat indexes and practices.

In terms or detecting threats, the windows defender has proven to be effective. It kicks in as soon as you plug in a n infected drive, stops appp from running as soon as threat is detected. It also has cloud base protection as well as malwares and ransomware.

Why you do not need another antivirus.

  1. Installing another antivirus progam on your system will deactivate Windows Defender on your system.
  2. Judging by popular cases, many antivirus program slows down the PC, causing the system become very slow. This is due to constant background scan and operations.
  3. Most antivirus program out there are paid. This means you have to pay some dollars before you can have the maximum features of the program.
  4. Antivirus with outdated virus definition often exposes your PC to threats and makes your PC vulnerable.

What you should do?

If you are using Windows 10, it is assured that you have Windows Defender preinstalled. All you need do is ensure to update the antivirus regularly and make sure the virus definition is constantly updated too.


Why go through the stress of getting a paid antivirus program when you already have an effective one for free? Surely, you do not have any reason to feel insure with your system after paying so much for a paid antivirus program when you have a good preinstalled substitute

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